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L2 Sit Stand Desk


The L2 is a two stage actuator with 20" of height adjustment and very sensitive software based impact detection. 175 lb weight capacity per leg.

Perfect for applications where the low ranges are not vital or in-use with a keyboard arm. Also, the L2 is ideal when filing solutions are used under the adjustable surface.

Heavy Duty Life Capacity Available - 250 lb lift load per leg (see all options below and to add-to-cart pricing.

Leg Options:

  • 2-leg base: +$280
  • 3-leg base: +$420

The Grand Stands L series base is designed to lift and lower work surfaces with up to 350 pounds and instantly stop wherever needed over and over again for years, EVERY TIME, SAFELY.

Piezo technology is included on the L3 base for impact detection. Piezo will sense the slightest interference or interruption in travel and the motors stop and reverse direction. This will protect the most delicate of items like coffee cups or fingers.  

The L2 base has software based impact detection. The software to sense the interference in travel in which the motors are forced to work harder and pull more energy.  As a result, the motors stop and reverse direction. Not as sensitive as Piezo but more effective than any other software based impact detection.

2-Legs with memory switch without display


Foot length options:

  • Choose 22" feet for a 24" deep surface
  • Choose 26" feet for a 30" deep surface
  • Choose 17" feet for a 18" deep surface or corner application
  • Optional 32" or 40" feet available for deeper surfaces. $100 additional per each foot.

Foot height/style options:

  • T-style (image): Low height, 28.25" from the floor to the top of the work surface (1⅛"); Top height, 49.5" from the floor to the top of the work surface (1⅛")
  • C-style (image): Low height, 27.25" from the floor to the top of the work surface (1⅛"); Top height, 48.5" from the floor to the top of the work surface (1⅛"). The leg sits in the foot which lowers the table by 1".


  • 20” of height adjustment
  • No crossbar design
  • accepts a standard keyboard arm with full length track
  • 2-4 leg base systems available
  • 175lbs weight capaity per leg
  • Soft start/stop technology for instant height position, no drift
  • Software Impact detection
  • Stock colors: black and silver (white: limited availability, upcharge applies)
  • UL Listed system
  • All Solid State technology
  • Warranty covers parts and labor
  • US made products
  • Custom programmable software

UL and ETL listings are a must.  Because most manufacturers assemble or import components from China, the electrical mechanical systems are not UL or ETL listed as complete systems. Most times a single component is sourced with a general UL listing as a standalone part but not as part of an assembly, thus the entire base is not listed.

Each leg contains a motor and sensors to keep the legs traveling at the exact same speed and height. Linak, a Danish company that is the leader in motion actuators, provides our actuators. 


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