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48-60 Solid Wood Stand Up Desk - Fir Top

48" Solid Wood Stand Up Desk - Fir Top - 48 in & 60 in

Rustic stand up desk in genuine solid wood. Smooth finish. Easily raise or lower the desk to the desired height with just the touch of a button. Each solid wood desk is protected from scratches and stains with a durable varnish. 


  • Electric height adjustable
  • 1" Solid Wood top
  • Black or White adjustable frame
  • Adjusts for kids
  • Sturdy steel frame design 



The lift motor you choose is based on the weight of your equipment on the desktop. Make your selection in the options based on the details below:

Single Motor Base - Adjusts between 28" & 48.9" high (included)

  • Memory preset settings
  • 176 Lb weight capacity
  • Single motor lift with a 1.5" per second lift speed for smooth and quiet height adjustment
  • 3 programmable memory

Dual Motor Base - Adjusts between 23.6" to 49.2" high (upgrade)

  • Memory preset settings
  • 220 Lb weight capacity
  • Powered by a dual motor lift with a 1" per second lift speed for smooth and quiet height adjustment
  • 4 programmable memory



This top-notch stand up desk includes:

  1. Solid wood top - 1" thick
  2. Adjustable height
  3. Large workspace
  4. A sturdy frame
  5. Made in the USA

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